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As she walked through the empty corridor she was thinking about what she and Dr. Horrin had been talking about a few days earlier. She wanted to help Baylor in some way. She knew he needed it to be easier for him because of all the training that he was doing. With her no longer needing to be trained by him, she knew that she could help him somehow. Hunter hadn’t even been at the “college” for two months and already knew more than Baylor did.
Hunter headed up to the front office to see Dr. Horrin. She and Hunter had been discussing letting Hunter take on some of Baylor’s students. This way he wouldn’t have so many of them.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Come in Hunter.” Dr. Horrin told her through the closed door.

Hunter opened the office door, still surprised at how Dr. Horrin knew that it was her, and walked in, closing the door behind her, “Hey Dr. Horrin, How are you?”, Hunter asked.

“I’m fine, thank you. How are you?” Horrin asked Hunter.

“I’m tired, but Im doing okay, if that’s what you wanted to know.” Hunter responded.

“Okay, so I talked to Baylor, and he feels that it would be an awesome idea. He has a total of 15 students. He wants me to give you only 6 of them, four girls and two boys. Not all of them are ice elementals, not sure which ones are the ice ones off the top of my head, so you will have to read through their file. But here are the files, there’s Grace Ripoint, Jennifer Reddin, Olesaya Claute, Abbigail Gradin, Taylor Brandson, and Jordan Daniels. Let me tell you something, Taylor is a hothead. Jordan, well he is kinda slow *taps the side of her head* up here. Grace is very sweet, don’t worry about her. Jennifer and Abbigail are best friends, and kind of spoiled. Both of their parents are rich and both of the girls act like they are entitled to everything. Olesaya, is very quiet and don’t talk much. You will start with them tomorrow. Best of luck to you.” Dr. Horrin told Hunter as she handed the files to her.

“Thanks, I’m going to find Baylor now.” She said as she turned and walked out.
Hunter didn’t know if she would be able to train the boys. She didn’t trust males, except Baylor and Chris. For some reason she trusted Chris. She didn’t even know him, but she trusted him.

She continued down the hall to find Baylor, Hunter started to gain speed while she was walking; she rounded the corner to go down Baylor’s hall. She was in a daze and ran smack into him.

“Oh, Uh, Um, I’m sorry Baylor.” Hunter said as she backed up.

“Oh, you’re fine, come here.” Baylor told her while grabbing her arms and pulling her to him, embracing her in a hug.

“Okay.” She said as she hugged him back.

“So I heard that you are going to be training six of my students for me. That’s very nice of you.” Baylor said letting go of Hunter and taking a step back as to see her face. Her eyes were always so pretty, those deep green eyes. Today she was wearing some black eyeliner around her eyes, which made the green kind of pop. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she had a thick black headband on.

“Yeah, I just figured since you aren’t training me anymore I can give you a hand and train some of your students. But why is the hell would you give me a hotheaded student? You know that he is going to die before im finished with him.” Hunter told him.

“He is only a hothead when you piss him off. If you stay on his nice side you shouldn’t have any problems. Hunter, be nice, please.”

“Me? Be nice? Me? Are you serious? I’m always nice. Aren’t I? And if Taylor wants to live he will need to chill the hell out.” Hunter backfired.

“Okay, I’ll warn him, because I’m pretty damn sure that he wants to live. But Hunter, he
is a fire elemental, that’s why he’s so easily angered.” He replied.

“Ah, well see, I haven’t read his file yet. I just left Dr. Horrin’s office and was looking for you. I figured that you could tell me more about the 6 that I will be training.”

“Ok, well, Jennifer, unfortunately, is a little bitch. She doesn’t train before 7 a.m. Abbigail, prefers to go by Ansley, for some reason, and doesn’t train after Jennifer. Even though they are best friends they often don’t get along. Taylor, even though he’s a hothead, he’s sweet and easily trained. He trains three days a week, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Grace, she is the other fire elemental that I train, doesn’t have a temper like Taylor does, and she’s sweet. Jordan, an earth elemental, is very calm, but that’s only because he has to be. He hasn’t gained control of his element yet, he is close but not just yet. Olesaya, she is from the planet of Aeona, the planet of the shadowers. She shadows me, that’s how I train her. It’s very easy but you have to constantly remind her to stay out of the shadows, otherwise it takes longer for her to train. She prefers to train after dinner but before curfew, she does this because it helps her fall asleep quickly. Olesaya does not speak clear English, she understands and is learning it, but doesn’t speak it clearly. In fact she doesn’t speak much at all. You can talk to her, but don't expect her to respond to you.” Baylor explained.

“Well that is very good to know Baylor, Thank you.” Hunter said.

“Yeah, no problem. I have to go train Taylor; he hates it when I’m late. So I’ll talk to you later.” Baylor said as he turned and walked off.

“Well, I guess I’ll go find something to do.” Hunter said to the walls.

She knew that she needed some sleep but she didn’t want to sleep. Hunter turned around and headed back towards the girls corridor, she needed to get through these files before the morning so that she would know who she was training and she would know their backstory.
Room 281. She dug her key out of her pocket and unlocked her door. As she walked into her room she sensed that something wasn’t right. Things were not in the places in which she left them. Then she noticed it, the one thing that she had that belonged to her mother, her wedding rings, were gone. She always left them in the glass case on the top of her nightstand, the case was broken and the rings were gone.
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