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Hunter had no idea of what she was getting herself into, with letting this guy train her. She hated men but there was just something about this one. The connection between the two of them was instant, she didn't like that feeling. She never really had liked the feeling of connection between her and males. Her brothers and her Father, and her uncles were really the only men she talked to. Her grandfathers were both dead, they had fought in a war (one that no one wanted to tell her about). Why they hadn't told her was beyond her, but it wasn't her preferred choice.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Hunter jumped at the sound of someone knocking on her door. Who is knocking on the door at 5:30 in the morning?, she thought to herself. She jumped out of bed grabbed her gun off her nightstand and rushed to the door. She peered through the peep hole on the door and saw that it was just Baylor. She opened the door turned to Baylor and said, "Baylor, why are you knocking on the damn door so early?"

"Cause it's time to get up." Baylor said with a smirk.

"Well, I am apparently awake."

"Sorry, but training starts at 6, meet me upstairs, in this." Baylor said as he handed her a black wet suit, with a pair of knee high boots and a pair of gloves.

"Ok and the wet suit is for......?"

"You will find out during your training today. Oh btw, prepare to be exhausted by the end of the day. You will just want to sleep by the time I am done with you." Baylor told her.

"We will see, I am really tough, you will have to push me pretty hard."  She told him as she grabbed the clothing from his hands. She turned around and walked back into her room and shut the door.

At exactly 6 am, Baylor walked through the doors to the training arena. Hunter saw him as soon as he walked through the doors. He couldn't see her and she knew it, thankfully she remembered to silence her cell phone. Two minutes later her phone vibrated in the inside of her wet suit, she took it out and looked at her caller ID, Baylor J. She figured she could come out of hiding now. So while he was turned around she came out of her hiding place and quickly and silently came up behind him and tapped his shoulder.

"Damn Hunter, how long have you been here?" Baylor asked after he came over the initial shock of her being right behind him.

"Oh, well I have been in here since about 5:50. I was just watching you wait for me, and listening to you talk to yourself." She said almost laughing.

"Oh you heard me talking to myself? What did you hear me say?" He asked alarmed.

"Oh i heard you I heard everything you said. JK, Brosky, I could only hear you mumbling to yourself, couldn't make out any of the words you said." as Hunter finished saying that she saw relief wash over him like a flood. "Dude, you need to lighten up, you are too high strung."

"You are the second person to tell me that, I guess I may need to lighten up."
She could tell that something had him so high strung, but what, she didn't know. Hunter decided that she would leave the subject alone for now so that he wouldn't increase her training to much today. Baylor decided to start small, she knew she could do more but she didn't want to show how powerful she was just yet.
The second part to Hunter
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