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He thought that it was amazing that this girl was totally hott and was an elemental. All the other girls at the school were cute or pretty but this was the first one that he saw that was hott. And of course she was she was the elemental Ice. They always seemed to be super cute and sexy. Baylor had always hoped that one day another Ice elemental would come to the school.

He, being an Ice elemental himself, knew the good looks that they had. He knew how they were hated for their hair color, their eye color, and their height and weight. They never had to diet or exercise; they were just skinny and muscular all the time. Of course this girl had to like that, or so he thought.

Baylor Johnson, tall, dark, and handsome, just like every other male Ice elemental. He knew he was handsome and a flirt, but he didn't want a girl that did that. He wanted a girl that would play around with him, but love him. Every girl that was in this school were flirts and slept around, but they were not Ice elementals. He wanted an Ice elemental because she would know how he functioned. She would understand why he would leave him bed in the night to go outside and sit on the roof late at night.

Baylor remembers the day he first saw her. Her green eyes and dirty blonde hair, that's what caught his attention, he knew that she was an Ice elemental just by looking at her. She was taller and prettier than most other girls. He knew he had to talk to her, but right now he had to train. Because Baylor was almost complete with his training, he was asked to train certain people, especially the new students. He hoped that the new girl would be assigned to him. He wanted to talk to her whenever he could.

Dr. Horrin, the dean of the school, asked if he would come to her office, he hoped it was something good. He was pleasantly surprised when he got there and the new girl was there.
"Baylor Johnson." he said stretching his hand out to shake her hand.
"Hunter Jakobson. Nice to meet you." she said as she shook his hand then quickly yanked her hand back as if she had been electrocuted.

He felt the electricity from her hand, like a jolt of energy. The connection between them was immediate.
Dr. Horrin turned to Baylor, "Would you like to train her for me?" she asked him.
"Yeah, totally."
"Thanks, but I would like to speak with you for a moment. Hunter, could you excuse us for a minute, please?"
"Yeah, I'll step out." she said as she walked out.

Baylor knew he was in some trouble. Horrin never asked him to stay after she asked him to train someone. He quickly thought about what it was that he had done. Nothing. There was nothing that came to mind.

"Baylor, chill you aren't in trouble. I wanted to tell you about her." Horrin told him.

"Good Gosh! Horrin you had me worried, I just couldn't think of what I did." Baylor said as relief washed over him.

"You need to lighten up, Johnson. Anyways, the jist of her story, grew up in a large family, youngest of 7 kids. Found out what she was at the age of 15. Left home at 17 with a boy, he left her, jobless, homeless, and broken. Don't try to be smooth, she don't trust boys. I'm having you train her to help with that. By the end of this year she needs to be in top shape." Dr. Horrin told him.

"Fine, I'll try my hardest but no guarantees. She's Ice, the only other one in this whole damn school. She's very beautiful, and that's going to be hard to resist. But for you I will try hard." Baylor said very frustrated, as he turned and walked out of the office.

Baylor had never been nervous to train a person before, but there was just something about this girl that drew his attention and made him so nervous. Well, I guess I should get up and get an hour or so of my training in before I have to start training Hunter, He thought to himself. He slowly opened his eyes and threw the covers off of him. Baylor rolled out of bed and landed face first on the floor. He jumped up off the floor, thankful that he had his own room so that no one would see what had just happened.

He pulled on his wet suit; he planned to train in water today. He didn't even bother to fix his hair as he did every morning; not that it needed to be fixed since he always kept it in a military crew cut. He then pulled on his boots and laced them up. Baylor then grabbed his watch off the nightstand beside his bed and strapped it to his wrist. Then he asked himself: glasses or contacts? This was the question he asked himself every day. I could wear my glasses for now; most people are still sleeping at this point anyways, then later when I go to train Hunter I can put my contacts in. But then again my glasses are stylish, BUT then there's the whole issue of blind spots cause of my frames. Contacts it is. It was very normal for him to talk to himself in his head or even out loud.

He stepped out into the darkened hall and turned left to head towards the training arena upstairs. He knew the path in the dark all too well. When he first got here at the school when he couldn't sleep he would slowly make his ways upstairs to the arena and do some form of training. Whether it was mental, physical, or emotional, he would train himself every night after everyone had gone to bed.

Baylor had decided on what he was going to try before he had even gotten all the way up the stairs. He had been trying and trying to do it for years. He needed to be in water and be able to freeze the water around him. This was the one thing that stood between him and his training being complete. Every time he tried he would get so close but he would get tired before he got it to freeze; he was hoping since he got to bed early last night that he would be able to do it today.  

He filled the small pool with water and then stepped in. The water would be freezing to a normal human being, but he was no normal human being. The water wasn't even cold to him. He started to focus on the water and trying to get the temperature in the pool to drop. He could feel his energy leaving his body, and the weird thing was he actually enjoyed the feeling. He welcomed it. He then started to feel the temperature drop, just slightly though, not much. Then he saw it, he saw the layer of ice start to form on top of the water. Then it was gone, focus lost. He tried three more times with the same outcome. He got out of the water and grabbed a towel. Then he glanced at his watch, it read 5:30. Well I guess I will go wake Hunter up, I'll start training her at 6. He cut the lights off in the arena as he walked out. He went down the two flights of stairs to get to the girls floor. What room did Horrin say she was staying in? Oh yes, room 281. As he walked past the rooms he counted off the room numbers in his head.  215, 217, 219…..267, 269, 271…..279, 281.  There it is. He double checked the number, 281. He heard something moving inside the room but thought nothing of it. He lifted his hand to the door to knock; then he paused. Why is this so hard for me, I'm just trying to get her up to train her, that's it. Grow up, be a man.  He did it, Knock. Knock. Knock. Then he stepped away from the door. He heard her moving and fumbling with something from inside the room. He was shocked when Hunter opened the door and had a gun pointed at his head.

"Baylor, why are you knocking on my door so early?" She asked him lowering her gun.

"Cause it's time to get up." He said.

"Well, I am apparently awake."

"Sorry, but training starts at 6, meet me upstairs, in this." Baylor said as he handed her a black wet suit, with a pair of knee high boots and a pair of gloves.

"Ok, and the wet suit is for......?"
"You will find out during your training today. Oh btw, prepare to be exhausted by the end of the day. You will just want to sleep by the time I am done with you." Baylor told her.

"We will see, I am really tough, you will have to push me pretty hard."  She told him as she grabbed the clothing from his hands. She turned around and walked back into her room and shut the door.

At exactly 6 Baylor walked into the arena, he didn't see her. "Maybe she has her phone on her." He said to himself. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed her number. It went to voicemail. "Well, I guess I will just have to push her harder if she is going to be late to her first training session. She will learn quickly that I don't put up with this crap."  At 6:10 Baylor's phone rang, he looked at the caller ID, Hunter Jakobson. He answered, "Hello?" No reply, he turned around and was looking at the door to see if she was there, when all of a sudden he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Damn Hunter, how long have you been here?" Baylor asked after he came over the initial shock of her being right behind him.

"Oh, well i have been in here since about 5:50. I was just watching you wait for me, and listening to you talk to yourself." She said almost laughing.

"Oh you heard me talking to myself? What did you hear me say?" He asked alarmed.

"Oh I heard you, I heard everything you said. JK, Brosky, I could only hear you mumbling to yourself, couldn't make out any of the words you said." She said. "Dude, you need to lighten up, you are too high strung."

"You are the second person to tell me that, I guess I may need to lighten up."

Baylor couldn't figure her out. What did she know about him that he didn't? He had no idea, but he didn't have the time to think about it right now. He needed to have her do the initial run through of the training course. He just wanted to see where she was physically. His personal best on the course was 4 minutes and 32 seconds, if she could beat that he would know where to start her.

"Hunter, I am going to have you run this obstacle course, just to see where you are physically. Rules are you can't stop moving until you have finished the course. I want you to stretch before you run it though." Baylor told her.

"Huh, Obstacle courses have always been easy for me.  But Ok."

"We shall see how easy they are for you, then after that I want you to try something that I have been trying for years to accomplish only to fail every time." Baylor told her. He knew that if she could accomplish the freezing water technique that he had been trying to do for years that it would be HE that SHE would need to train.

The obstacle course contained several things that a person would need upper body strength to complete. Things such as the rope climbing portion and the monkey bars that went up and down all the way across. There were other things that didn't require strength but instead smarts, although this part always confused him, why did there need to be a logistical part to an obstacle course? This was one thing he would never figure out. Then to finish off the course there were a series of rock walls to climb up and down, and a tight rope to walk across.

"How fast did you run it?" she asked him.

"I will tell you after you have run it."

"Ok well what's the fastest time so far?"

"Just over 4 minutes, 4:20. This record may or may not be held by yours truly." he replied.

If Baylor had ever trained a girl before, you couldn't tell. He was so nervous about training Hunter, his hands were shaking. He was afraid that Hunter would notice. He didn't need that to happen.
"Baylor? You ok, dude?" She asked when she noticed Baylor zoning.

"Huh? Oh, yeah I'm fine." He replied.

"Are you sure?" She persisted, "You seem out of it."

"Well, I guess you could say I'm kind of out of it." Baylor said with a sigh.

"Um...You want to talk about it?" Hunter asked him with a hint of concern.

"No, not really." Baylor said, closing the issue for the time being.

"Ok, well I guess I'll go get started on something" Hunter said as she walked off.

Damn! Baylor thought as she walked away. This was not the "Damn" as in "Damn she's hot." this was the "Damn, how could she tell?" He had to figure out how to hide his feelings better. He thought he was skilled at it, but apparently not well enough. Hunter, who had known him for only two weeks, could already tell that there was something wrong with him. Maybe he was just spending too much time with her. He decided to stop for a little while, if she asked questions he would just tell her that he was busy. Not that she would buy into that, but he still held out hope that she might.

Over the next four or so days Baylor only trained Hunter for two hours per day then he would avoid her the rest of the time. He hoped that she wouldn't catch on, but the chances were that she had already caught onto what he was doing. As soon as Baylor finished that thought, Hunter walked up to him.

"Hey Baylor, what's going on?" she asked looking him dead in the eyes.

"Um, nothing's going on. Why do you ask?" Baylor responded as he looked away.

"Well, you have been avoiding me like the plague for the past few days. And you always want to chill with me. So, what's up?" She asked in all seriousness.

"Oh, Um, Well........Um, I got busy." Baylor started. "I was training, you know, getting better, so that I can train you better."

"Yeah, sure!" Hunter said as she took three steps closer to Baylor. Then in one swift movement she disarmed him of the knife he was holding and then pinned him up against the wall. She looked him dead in the eyes before continuing, "Don't lie to me, Baylor. I know exactly why you were avoiding me. One thing you don't know about me is how well and how far my abilities have developed. Most times if I am in the same room as you, I can hear your thoughts. Creepy, I know, but it is what it is. So I know you like me, I know that it freaked you out that I knew something was up the other day. Fact of the matter is, I know that you were shaking like crazy the other day when you were training me because you are attracted to me. So, I don't ever want you to lie to me again. Do I make myself clear?" She said as she applied more pressure to Baylor's pinned joints

"Uh, yes ma'am. You've made yourself very clear." Baylor said in surprise and discomfort.

"Good, now that we have an understanding, you can have your knife back." Hunter said as she handed Baylor his knife back while unpinning him in the same movement. She then turned and walked off, leaving Baylor alone with his thoughts.

What in the world just happened? How did I let myself get pinned to a wall by a girl, especially that girl? How long has she been able to hear my thoughts? Is she listening to my thoughts right now? All these questions flashed through Baylor's mind when Hunter left. At least now he knew more of what she was capable of doing. His thoughts were interrupted when Chris, a fire elemental, and one of the school's top students, walked up.

"Hey dude, what's up?" Baylor asked him.

"Nothing much just on my way upstairs; Rebecca and I were going to try to do some training. Or should I say she was going to tell me what to do and I was going to do it." Chris grinned at his own comment before continuing, "Oh well, you know how women get, always have to be bossy. But I'll catch you later or Becca is going to work me to death, even though she does that already."

"Yeah, okay later Chris." Baylor said, half laughing.

Rebecca and Chris had been friends for a while, Baylor wasn't sure of how long, or even what exactly their relationship was to each other. Baylor and Rebecca had talked together on several occasions, and she seemed like a nice girl and he was sure that she would be great to hang around. Baylor was also sure that Chris was interested in her, but that wasn't his business, he wasn't interested in Rebecca in that way. His business was Hunter, and how he could get her to fall for him.

He was pretty sure that she liked him but the question was, how much? It was the question that he didn't have the slightest answer for. Baylor glanced down at his watch which read 5:45. Well I guess I'd better call Hunter and tell her to get her ass up to the training arena. He didn't need her to be late. He was going to push her to her limits for the little stunt in the hallway earlier this morning.

He dug his phone out of his pocket and called Hunter. "Yellow?" She said when she finally answered.

"Why do you always say that, Hunter?"

"What 'Yellow'?" She asked, trying to play innocent, although she was doing a horrible job at it.

"Yes, why do you always answer the phone with 'Yellow'?" Baylor continued, keeping his voice neutral.

There was a slight pause before Hunter replied, "Um, well......I really don't know. What do you want Baylor?"

"It's time to train, come on upstairs. Bring your wet suit, boots, and gloves and pull your hair up because I'm going to be pushing you hard today. I know what you are capable of now and I'm going to use that to my benefit." Baylor said with a hint of arrogance.

"Yeah, Ok. I'll be up there in ten." Hunter responded.

Baylor walked up the stairs and entered the arena. He was thinking about what he could do to train her to the point where she would never try to pin him to the wall again. He still couldn't think of anything. So he walked over to where Rebecca and Chris were standing.

"Hey guys, I have a problem and I was wondering if maybe you two could help me with it." Baylor said as he reached them.

"Sure, what's up Baylor?" Rebecca replied.

"Well I have this student that I'm training, and I had a run in with this student this morning and I need to push them hard in training today and I wanted to know what you think I should have them do." He told them.

"Is that your student?" Chris asked as he pointed towards the door. Baylor glanced in that direction just as Hunter walked through the doors.

Damn it. He thought to himself. "Yes, that's her." Baylor said with a frustrated sigh.

"Well what happened at this run in?" Chris asked, his face breaking into a broad grin as he did so, "Did she try to kiss you to death?"

"Chris, come on, don't tease him." Rebecca said, jabbing Chris with her elbow to make her point.

"Oh, he's fine Rebecca," Baylor said as he watched Chris rub his ribs, "but no, Chris, she didn't kiss me. She pinned me up against the wall and told me to never lie to her again and then she asked if she had made herself clear. It really pissed me off I'm not going to lie." He finished just as Hunter walked up and stood beside him.

He didn't have to even look to know it was her. Just her presence there beside him was enough to let him know who it was. God, why did he have to like her so much? He barely knew the woman and he just wanted to be with her all the time. That was it, he was tired of it; he was going to ask her out today while he was training her. He still wanted to talk to Chris and Rebecca some more first though. So he turned to Hunter, "Go do some stretches and then run 2 miles. When you're done meet me back here."

"Ok." She replied and set off to her tasks.

Baylor turned back to Chris and Rebecca, "So, yeah I like her, a lot." He continued awkwardly, "I want to ask her out, but she doesn't trust men. Chris, do you have any advice?"

"Dude, if you want to ask her out, I wouldn't push her hard today; don't really start pushing her hard until she's your girl. After that you can tell her that you are doing it to help her get better. She won't question it." Chris told him.

"She might question it but not as much." Rebecca said, joining in on the advice giving, "One thing to do with women that don't trust men is always ask permission before doing anything. That restores their trust in men. Believe me; I was like that until I met my ex. He knew that I didn't trust men, so he would ask 'can I hold your hand?' or 'Can I kiss you?' or 'Can I put my arm around you?', always making sure I was comfortable before doing anything and because of that it restored my trust in men... mostly. Which is the only reason I agreed to train this big lug when he first got here, although he really tries my patience at times." Rebecca said as she punched Chris in the gut, causing him to double over.

"Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice." Baylor said to them as he turned to walk off.

"No problem, man. Just keep us posted." Chris told him.

"Ok, will do." Baylor said just as Hunter caught up to him. She wasn't even panting, or breathing heavily. He would never figure her out, Hunter was a giant mystery. Even so, Baylor liked a good mystery.

"Ok, Baylor, I'm done with that. What's next?" She asked him as they continued their way across the arena.

"Now you take a break. Take 10 minutes to stretch your legs, get some water and sit for a little bit." Baylor said.

"Okay." Hunter said with a hint of hesitation before walking off again. Baylor was still in his own thoughts when Chris walked up behind him.

"Dude, remember, she's the one who had you pinned to the wall, she's pretty tough." Chris reminded him as they both watched Hunter find a place to sit down for a minute.

"Yeah, I know, she's tough. Apparently when she was fourteen or so, a tree fell on her and knocked her out cold, but yet she's still alive. She's a survivor if I ever met one." He told Chris as he watched her. She was so beautiful he just didn't understand why she was so distant. He wanted to be the one that she let past her walls and get to know the real Hunter.

"Well, I'll let you and Rebecca get back to training, I'm going to train Hunter." He said to Chris with a nod.

"Hunter?" Chris repeated, nodding as he took one last glance in her direction, "That's a pretty name for a girl like her." Chris said.

"Yeah, I know." Baylor responded as he walked off to go get started with Hunter.
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